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About Ami


From her street photography Ami taught others to believe in themselves through overcoming challenges in candid photography. Ami love to motivate others to have  confidence and being the ability to handle FEAR allowing them to move forward. Street photography was the leading point to finding her life purpose, this is why she often mentions photography on her videos as she learnt so much from her mistakes and failures to allow to her to be a good photographer.

You can see Ami’s photography work here

Why the changes?

Life is full of constant changes. In 2017 Ami realized that she could help more people and assist them in moving forward (in general, not just in photography). She started YouTube for Indonesian people, where she is orginally from before moving to Scotland. Later on she opened another channel in English to help serve and teach further across the globe.

Doing What You Love Is FREEDOM
Loving What You Do Is HAPPINESS.

-Steve Job

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